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About Family Tree
  1. Background
    The background that the family tree can be seen on the Internet is Kim Nimb Scharlings work for a long time seeking and collecting data about the descendants of Johan Mathias Gerling, together with Pc- program "WinFamily".
    Further it's the interest of making a general view of the family, to attempt to motivate for future updates, and to do a job, which expect to give value for many people.
  2. Idea
    The idea of collecting information from the family tree in the Pc program and establish a home page is:
    - to make the family tree more accessible for everyone,
    - to make future updates easier,
    - to motivate to send in updates,
    - to create value for people in the tree by seeing themselves on the Internet,
    - to make it possible to print surveys and reports from the family tree.
  3. Updating family tree
    The main rule for persons on the family tree is that they are descendants of Johan Mathias Gerling, born 1770 in Holstein, spouse to these descendants, or parents to the spouse.
    For those persons the following information can be provided:

    - Names (first, middle, last names from birth certificate)
    - Sex
    - Names today, if necessary
    - Birthday and birthplace
    - Day of christening and place
    - Confirmation day and place
    - Day of death and place
    - Name of spouse (first, middle, last names from birth certificate)
    - Weeding day and place
    - Children
    - Occupation
    - Pictures, up to 2 pictures, as file or in paper.
    - Description of the person's life, events, incidents, school, education, occupation, etc.
    - Notification if the person wants all the information shown on the Internet. Starting point is that only name is visible for living people.

    If pictures shall be shown all other information will also be visible.

    Updates to the family tree can be sending to:  




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